Austin Music Co-op Hostel Program

The Hostel Program will be launching soon. Here are a few details of how the program works.

The Austin Music Co-op allows touring bands and musicians to rent rooms year round. Persons inquiring about hostelling should be referred to the AM Co-op toll free number: 888-848-2595.
Rooms are offered as singles, doubles, triples, full band, or even per bed! Nightly or weekly rates include food, rehearsal space, access to the computer lab and Wi-Fi, and numerous local resources and networking opportunities.

Hostellers register in advance for their room, and can check in at the co-op and pay the fee at the AM Co-op office (5413 Guadalupe), anytime Mon-Sun 12-10pm. Special checking times are available on an as-needed basis.
The House Officer issues room key & front door key card to hosteller, and explains that hosteller will be required to love the house.
Hosteller stays and has a good time.
Hosteller returns room key and key card to a house officer or Co-op staff, who inspects hostellers room on check-out, and signs hostellers check-out form.
Hosteller takes form to office to get deposit refund.

Hostel Rates:

Per Night
Per Bed: $12
Single: $36
Double: $40
Triple: $44
Quad: $48
Per Week
Week Single: $175
Week Double: $205
Week Triple: $230
Week Quad: $260
Per Month
Month Single: $700
Month Double: $825
Month Triple: $950
Month Quad: $1075

Rights and Responsibilities:
Meals. Hostellers have normal kitchen privileges. Hostellers may eat any prepared meals with the house, but are responsible for preparing their own food in the house kitchen when house meals are not served. Hostellers are not allowed any guest meals.
Love. Hostellers perform one hour of love (cooking, cleaning) for every night they spend at the house.
Voting. Hostellers do not have any voting rights.
Uncertain length of stay. If hostellers dont know how long theyll be staying, they can pay for one night, then return to the office the next day if they need to pay for another night. If hostellers prepay for several days and cancel some of those days, AM CO-OP will keep $5 for every two prepaid days. AM Co-op will also keep $5 for every two prepaid days when hostellers are expelled for failure to love the house or other uncooperative behavior.
Two-week maximum. AM Co-op hostels for up to two weeks. Hostellers who want to stay longer than that must sign a regular membership contract.
Changing rooms. Hostellers are assigned specific rooms by AM Co-op staff. If theres a serious problem with an assigned room, a hosteller may ask a house officer to re-assign them, and must notify the AM Co-op office the following morning of the room re-assignment.
Bad hostellers. The house may expel any hosteller for refusing to love the house or for other uncooperative behavior. If a hosteller is expelled, the house must inform the AM CO-OP office 888-848-2595 immediately.

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