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What is the Austin Music Co-op?

The first of its kind! The Austin Music Co-op was formed by SIS Promotions and the Austin Music Coalition to help unify musicians in Austin, TX. The Co-op is not just a place to live, but also a forum for community and ideas. This city is a music mecca. Together, musicians can get informed and organized. We can help the city and the citizens make Austin more conducive to a healthy, exciting, and lucrative career in music.

The Co-op is located at 5413 Guadalupe Street in a one-level, three-wing building near the Hyde Park neighborhood. There are 23 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and lots of common space. The common areas include a full kitchen, dining/lounge area, laundry room, sun patio, garden, fenced in yard, and office facilities with a copy center. There's high-speed Internet and wi-fi, easy access to campus and downtown bus lines, and much more. The setting encourages creativity and supports musicians' efforts to write, record and rehearse.

The Austin Music Co-op is sustained by the residents' active responsibility. This is an equal opportunity and community living program in which residents become members. Every member does 1-6 hours of weekly chores, such as participating in member meetings, helping to organize events, sharing the cooking, and living harmoniously in exchange for reduced costs of living.

Features & Benefits

Benefits of Living at the Austin Music Co-op:
Affordable housing option with numerous utilities and amenities included.
Opportunity to live with like-minded individuals in a shared common space.
Convenient location near UT and downtown.
Ample music networking opportunities.
A network for local and regional music opportunities and musician services.
Active participation in your living situation.
Access to the Austin Music Coalition as a springboard for organizing performances, benefits or activities.

More Features and Benefits:
Unique sense of community.
Careful attention to member comparability.
Safe, secure, and friendly community.
Vibrant and diverse central Austin location.
Walking distance from Austin restaurants and stores.
Only a quick bus ride to downtown and University of Texas.
Bus line runs right in front of the Co-op.
Control over the use of your rent money.
Opportunities to network and make connections with your co-op neighbors and touring musicians.
A sense of pride in your living environment.

In keeping with co-operative principles of open membership, we welcome members of all backgrounds, beliefs, and ages (as long as you are over 18). Apply now to become one of the 23 founding members!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a housing co-op?
2. What does it mean to live in a housing co-op?
3. How can I apply to live at the Austin Music Co-op?
4. Does the Austin Music Co-op provide emergency housing services?
5. How does the Austin Music Co-op screen applicants for housing?
6. When will rooms at the Austin Music Co-op be available?


1. What is a housing co-op?
A housing co-operative is an association of people who have chosen to share homeownership as a group, rather than live individually. Members share equally in all privileges and responsibilities, agree on democratic control by the membership, and mutually share the benefits of co-operative activity.

2. What does it mean to live in a housing co-op?
Being a co-op member means having control over your housing. It also means taking responsibility to manage your co-op well. If you join, you will be expected to pay a monthly housing charge, attend members' meetings, join a committee or the board, help with maintenance, and occasionally help organize social or community events. In exchange, you will have a substantially reduced cost of living and the chance to be part of a cool community!

3. How can I apply to live at the Austin Music Co-op?
Before applying, be sure you want to spend some time and energy with the co-op. All members have 1-6 hours worth of weekly duties. These guidelines are part of the principles which all co-operatives put into practice: open membership, democratic member control, economic participation, independence, co-operative education, and community.

Most co-ops have waiting lists of people who would like to move in. These lists are particularly long for people who need subsidized housing. The standard wait to get into a housing co-op is between three months and three years.

4. Does the Austin Music Co-op provide emergency or temporary housing?
The Austin Music Co-op does not provide emergency housing, although overnight guests are allowed. Additionally, the Co-op does have a hostel-style dorm room with beds available by the night for musicians traveling through Austin on tour. Meals are included in the per-night rate.

5. How does the Austin Music Co-op screen applicants for housing?
To apply for housing in the Austin Music Co-op, you must complete a short Membership Application. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be reviewed by the membership committee. You can download the form online, or pick it up at one of many locations around town.

6. When will rooms at the Austin Music Co-op be available?
Once initial operations are established, the Austin Music Co-op expects to have a 3 6 month waiting list. Only 23 rooms are available, so now's the time to get approved. Apply now to be a founding or future member of the Austin Music Co-op!

Contact Information

For more information about the Austin Music Co-op
fill out our online form.

Or contact us at:

Austin Music Co-op

5413 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX 78751

Phone: 888-848-2595 bus/fax
Email: info@austinmusiccoop.org

Want a chance to meet with us? Come join us at our events and these local events around Austin.

Volunteer Hours
Monday - Friday
3PM -10PM
Saturday - Sunday
10AM - 10PM

June 27
Austin Music Co-op's Launch Party

We all want to see improvements in the local music community, especially those that will benefit musicians directly. Please take a few minutes to participate in this short survey. Your feedback is very important to us.

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